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Deep Well Dewatering

When you are faced with controlling large volumes of water, consider Mersino's extensive deep well dewatering experience.

Our large, rotary bucket drill rigs combine with our line of electric submersible pumps to provide you with solutions that push water up from the bottom of the well and through a discharge piping system. In addition, we can supply generators to power your pumps and jobsite when power is unavailable.

Call Mersino for Deep Well Dewatering Services Including:

  • Installation of 20-100 foot depths
  • Installation distant to the excavation site to minimize obstruction
  • Ability to penetrate strata impervious to other methods
  • Drainage of large areas, depending on soil conditions
  • Full service installation by an experienced, fully-trained field crew
  • On-site maintenance including efficiency and drawdown monitoring
  • On-site power generation

Contact us today to speak to our engineering and sales staff about your project's specific needs.