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Slurry Cut Off Walls

If you are working in an area with high water tables and trying to contain or cut-off groundwater near landfills, tunnels, open cut excavations, or to lay foundations, our slurry cut-off walls may be what you need. Our trenchers and slurry pumps combine to install impermeable underground cut-off walls with depths to 30 ft.

Dehydrated bentonite clay powder is combined with water utilizing a hopper, jet pump, venturi, and a mixing tank or pond on site. Upon reaching the appropriate hydration levels, confirmed by viscosity tests using a Marsh funnel, the bentonite slurry is ready to be added to the cut-off wall.

A MERSINO one-pass trencher is used to create a trench where the bentonite slurry is pumped and injected into the digging chain allowing the bentonite slurry to be injected into the mixing zone. The rotating cutting chain homogenizes the bentonite slurry and native soils in-situ.

Soil-Bentonite Slurry Cut Off Walls untilizing our one-pass trencher technology are installed in less time and provide the lowest cost when compared to other construction methods.

  • One Pass Trenching Slurry Wall Construction
  • Bentonite Soil Slurry Cut-Off Wall for Groundwater Containment

Below, You Can View a Mersino Slurry Cut-Off Wall Under Construction:

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